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im in a dilema and someone needs to give me advice now

so ive been talking to this guy and we’re really into each other we’ve been hanging out like everyday. im not trying to seem clingy or anything like that which im not anyways so usually i dnt text him or ask him to hang i wait for him to. So anyways he picks me up yesterday and we’re hanging out everything seems to be going great. Later on we go to the pizza place for dinner with his 15 yr old sister that he’s really close to. They talk about everything and i kinda had a feeling they were texting about me, i could just tell. so later on that night i borrowed his phone to text my mom and usually i wud never ever go through someones phone but idk what got over me. so this is what i read

him- yoour opinion?

her- she’s not that pretty but she’s really nice and fun to be around

him- exactly my perdicament but i don’t wanna be shallow or anything

her-well give it some time and see what happens and how you feel

so anyway that was the convo he was talking about how he really likes my ppersonality but not my looks, but since ive been hanging with him ive been extreamly sick so i havn’t done my hair or gotten dressed usually im in a sweatshirt its not my fault iwas sick. but anyway idk what to think of that should i be mad or should i let it go since he likes my personality and is still kinda seeing me even though he doesn’t think i’m that pretty, i really don’t know what to do can someone please give me advice?

October 12 2011
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  1. inthedarkisee said: douche.bag. you dont deserve that. just be friends.
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